BJP lawmaker’s Covid prescription: Drink cow urine day-to-day on empty abdomen

BJP MLA Surendra Singh has claimed that eating gaumutra (cow urine) each and every morning on an empty abdomen will “ensure” coverage from the unconventional coronavirus.

The lawmaker from Bairia in Uttar Pradesh additionally shot an academic video on the right way to eat the cow urine.  Within the video, Singh, protecting a bottle of Pantanjali’s cow urine, requests other people to combine 50 ml of the cow urine in chilly water and eat it on a daily basis to reach a “herbal immunity” from the virus.

In the midst of India’s 2d wave, Singh mentioned, that he has been spending just about 18 hours an afternoon in public, and remains to be wholesome and safe.

“Don’t doubt, I’ve come to the belief that handiest cow urine has the facility to do away with a perilous virus like covid-19, without reference to whether or not the scientists consider or now not,” Singh says within the video.

Claiming that every one medical wisdom has failed in entrance of Covid, Singh mentioned, “even after such a lot medical development persons are nonetheless death in lakhs, so on this state of affairs, other people will have to consider god and do what older generations did to regard such issues.”

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