Definitions for 44 Twitter Phrases You Have been Too Embarrassed to Ask About

This morning, once I scanned my Twitter feed, I did a couple of MTs and PRTs, requested a follower to TMB, and left SMH at some trolls I discovered, so I mentioned BFN to Twitter.

Did not perceive what I simply mentioned? Don’t concern — that was once gobbledygook to me, too.

Twitter has transform a social community with its personal distinctive language — and rightfully so. In any case, whilst you handiest have 280 characters to mention what you imply, each and every phrase counts.

And don’t simply take our phrase for it. For the most productive engagement effects, Twitter recommends protecting tweets brief and conversational, too.

This, my pals, is why entrepreneurs wish to be well-versed within the language of Twitter.

When I discovered myself heading for Google each and every time I looked at my Twitter feed, I knew it used to be time to begin writing some definitions down so I may be told the language myself, in order that’s precisely what I did. And how much inbound marketer would I be if I didn’t percentage this nice content material with you too?

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Listed here are probably the most hottest Twitter slang phrases you will have to know. As you in finding a couple of to sprinkle into your subsequent batch of scheduled Tweets on your Twitter marketing campaign, attempt to steer clear of the temptation to make use of them — slightly is going some distance.

@point out

When you need to “tag” any individual in a tweet or direct message on Twitter, you’ll be able to achieve this by way of bringing up them the usage of their Twitter username. Upload this point out in they usually’ll get a notification that you simply’ve achieved so within the “Mentions” phase in their account. Necessarily, that is used to have conversations with folks on Twitter.


Whilst referred to as the pound key for your telephone, on Twitter, this image is a hashtag, and it’s utilized in entrance of alternative phrases in a tweet to offer context or to make it simple for customers to seek for explicit subjects on Twitter. However watch out to not over-hashtag your tweets — one or two is probably enough.


Forbes defines bots as “a social networking account powered by way of synthetic intelligence.” Bots are other from trolls as a result of they aren’t folks — they’re scripts written by way of folks, ready to pounce. However each and every every now and then, you’ll stumble across bots which can be created to do a little beautiful cool stuff.


A “DM,” or “direct message,” is a non-public message between two Twitter customers. It’s other from a public @point out as a result of, with a view to ship a DM, the recipient will have to observe you.


Your Twitter “feed” (HubSpot consumers know it as their “Timeline”) is any record of tweets that repeatedly updates when new tweets that are compatible the required standards pop up. Your house feed updates each and every time any individual you observe tweets.

FF or #FF

#FollowFriday began so to counsel different Twitter customers for your fans. It occurs on Fridays, and you’ll be able to seek Twitter for the hashtag on Fridays to look at the kudos pour in.


A “follower” is any individual who follows you on Twitter and sees your updates on their house feed. Simply because any individual follows you does not imply you need to observe them again, the best way any other social networks paintings. However if you wish to in finding some insightful entrepreneurs to observe, here’s a helpful list to get you going.

Duration ahead of @point out

That is the one mistake almost everyone makes on Twitter. When you tweet @username and not using a duration, handiest your mutual fans (in different phrases, individuals who observe each you and @username) and the individual your tweeting to

will see it of their streams. Upload a duration ahead of @username, even though, and your whole fans will see your tweet of their streams.


A “partial retweet” is very similar to a changed tweet, but it surely we could the reader know you’ve taken out probably the most unique concepts of the tweet, both to avoid wasting house or so as to add your individual two cents.


While you answer on Twitter, you’re responding to a specific tweet any individual has tagged you in with a @point out. Until it’s an instantaneous message (DM), a answer may also be observed by way of someone and everybody, without reference to whether or not they observe you or now not.


A retweet is the fundamental type of forex on Twitter. While you see “RT” in entrance of a tweet, it method the individual discovered the content material treasured sufficient to percentage with their fans. If the unique tweet is yours, method to move!


Beware! Trolls are folks on Twitter who abuse the carrier by way of spamming customers with off-topic tweets and different erratic conduct. Trolling is a type of web harassment, so for those who assume any individual is trolling you on Twitter, you’ll be able to learn how to take action here.


Tweeps are Twitter those that observe every different from one social community to every other. It is not unusual for the folk you are pals with on Fb to additionally observe you on Twitter — they’d be your Tweep. It is a Twitter-ized model of “peeps.”


Arguably the commonest Twitter time period. Each and every replace you put up for your fans on Twitter is named a tweet. Each and every tweet has a 140-character restrict, and take note: Your tweets are public and searchable by way of someone on Twitter, although they don’t observe you. Heck, even CEOs may be listening to your tweets.

Tendencies or Trending Subject

Someone, position, factor, or concept that a large number of persons are tweeting about immediately is thought of as a pattern. You’ll be able to in finding developments at the left aspect of your Twitter homepage, and you’ll be able to even tailor what developments you spot in response to your location and who you observe.

Tip: Are you a neighborhood industry? Connecting with customers who’re on your identical geographic location is an effective way to get more business value out of Twitter.

Tweeple, Twerson, and Twitterverse

Actually, the folk (or particular person, within the singular) that make up the huge Twitterverse (universe!) of Twitter customers.


Similar to any individual can unfriend you on Fb, folks can make a choice to unfollow you on Twitter so your tweets forestall appearing up of their feed. Watch out about aggressively following or unfollowing customers, even though — it is an effective way to get yourself banned from Twitter.

By way of

This time period is once in a while used instead of “RT” so to let folks know the place your content material is from and to provide credit score to the unique content material author.

Twitter phrases are useful for someone who’s new to the platform or construction a profile for his or her industry. Twitter slang, on the other hand, is beneficial to concentrate on as a way to attach together with your target audience higher. By way of realizing some commonplace slang phrases utilized in tweets, you’ll be able to sign up for the dialog together with your fans with out sounding misplaced.


Giving standing updates is a commonplace explanation why for lots of the tweets we see on our timelines. In consequence, you could have observed the acronym “atm” used within the context of one thing rather than cash. This stands for “in this day and age” and shouldn’t be at a loss for words with an automatic teller device.


Some Twitter customers revel in telling tales on their timelines and a transitional word utilized in the ones narratives is “at this level”. After all, with only a restricted selection of characters in line with Tweet, customers abbreviate phrases any place they are able to, so “atp” would possibly take where of that word.


In case you are having a Twitter dialog, one well mannered method to log off is to mention this, which stands for “bye for now.” It we could the opposite particular person know you are signing off and that to any extent further tweets would possibly move unanswered for a time frame.


Similar to in e-mail, there’s one thing to be mentioned for social media etiquette, and “easiest regards” is every other great, frequently used sign-off when leaving a dialog on Twitter.


Cancel tradition has been round for just about part a decade and it’s highly regarded on Twitter. It’s generally reserved for high-profile individuals of society like celebrities, politicians, and influencers. If those people behave in some way that disturbs expectancies (whether or not cheap or unreasonable) they are able to be canceled by way of “cancel tradition twitter.” There are various evaluations about cancel culture.

Crank Tweet

Take into accout whilst you used to make prank telephone calls? (C’mon, don’t be shy — everybody’s achieved so at one level or every other.) Neatly, crank tweets are the brand new prank calls, apart from in written shape. They’re deceptive tweets, tweeted on goal.


This one’s easy sufficient: It is brief for “e-mail me.”


When any individual is available in to avoid wasting the day on Twitter, they may get praised with tweets that point out them at once adopted by way of “FTW!” This stands for “for the win” and comes from sports activities video games the place the commentator pronounces the title of a participant who scored the game-winning level.

Fub loose

Fub loose method “observe, unfollow, block” loose. Some Twitter customers upload this word of their Twitter bio to let fans know that they gained’t be disenchanted or retaliate if a follower unfollows or blocks their account. That is frequently used for Twitter accounts that have a tendency to put up spoilers to motion pictures or briefly put up content material their fans would possibly another way now not wish to see. Those fans would possibly block or unfollow the account for a time frame and go back later when the unwanted content material has ceased.


You will have to smile for those who see this tweeted at you. Why? As a result of any individual on Twitter is telling you to “have a pleasant day!”


A “hat tip” is generally adopted by way of any individual’s Twitter username. The usage of HT method you aren’t quoting or retweeting them at once, however as a substitute acknowledging that the consumer gave you the theory for the content material you’re tweeting.


This acronym for “in the event you ignored it” can be utilized when any individual is tweeting about giant information or a trending subject a couple of days after the truth, or they’ve already tweeted about it. Searching “ICYMI” on Twitter is an effective way to compensate for what you’ve ignored for those who’ve been off the Twitter radar for a couple of days.


When 280 characters is your restrict, shortening phrases is a will have to. Thus, typing “I don’t know” is once in a while too lengthy to incorporate in a tweet, imagine it or now not.


“If , ” is a time period utilized by individuals who wish to deal with some exclusivity to their Tweet. An underground artist, a hole-in-the-wall eating place, and even every other acronym would possibly all be embellished with a tweet that reads “IFYKYK”. And for those who didn’t know, effectively now .


“I’m simply pronouncing” would possibly appear redundant, however the acronym provides some tone and context to a tweet. Most likely the consumer needs to introduce a distinction of opinion to the dialog, or possibly they don’t wish to be held liable for the effects of what they simply mentioned. Regardless, chances are you’ll see “ijs” pop up for your timeline each and every every now and then from an opinionated Twitter consumer.


You’ll generally see “for my part” or “in my humble opinion” when any individual needs to agree or disagree with a work of content material they’re sharing. That means, the reader is aware of it is opinion, now not reality.


This implies “changed tweet,” which is a retweet that you simply needed to clip to avoid wasting house. On the other hand, it will have to nonetheless hang the which means of the unique tweet.


“Notice to self” is a great way to mark tweets that you need to return to later. It’s extensively utilized when any individual is attempting to be sarcastic or humorous. For example, I would possibly tweet: “NTS: Pizza is much higher chilly — particularly when it is for breakfast.” (Which everyone knows is right, after all.)


When you don’t wish to point out considered one of your fans at once, however you need to mention one thing about them, chances are you’ll use the acronym OOMF because of this “One in every of my fans.” This time period can be utilized in a impartial means or in a passive-aggressive tone for those who’re subtweeting your follower.


“Shaking my head” generally accompanies a tweet when any individual can’t imagine or doesn’t perceive the content material they’re sharing. It’s a complete mimic of real-life frame language.


When you’re accustomed to lovers of celebrities, you’ll catch on briefly to Twitter stans. Those are overzealous and moderately obsessed lovers of celebrities or influencers. The time period is a mixture of “stalker” and “fan.” There are combined evaluations about whether or not stan culture is healthy for the stan or the fame.


Every so often, folks Tweet about different Twitter customers with out bringing up them the usage of the @ image. This may also be achieved passive-aggressively and even in a flirtatious manner. There are two varieties of subtweets: overt and covert. An overt subtweet would possibly nonetheless point out the individual by way of title however with out bringing up their Twitter with the @ image in order that it’s tied at once to them. A covert subtweet gained’t point out names in any respect, however will as a substitute give refined hints about who the topic of the tweet could be.


That is shorthand for “to be fair.” You may even see a “Q” pop in there, for “to be rather fair.” (Fancy, we all know.)


You all the time wish to say thanks, so “thank you for the observe” is a pleasant method to acknowledge that any individual has made up our minds so as to add you to their Twitter feed.


When you see “tweet me again” when any individual mentions you on Twitter, they would like you to actually tweet them again with a solution to or your opinion in their tweet.


The “Twitterati” is a gaggle of A-list Twitter customers that experience a large selection of fans and are well-known in Twitter circles (and once in a while out of doors too).

Must your enterprise use Twitter slang?

Twitter slang isn’t a excellent are compatible for each and every tweet, however on the subject of each and every industry can have the benefit of shortening a phrase or word to satisfy the nature restrict. Ahead of you rule out Twitter phrases and slang altogether, check out this record to peer how you’ll be able to make your commentary brief and candy. In any case, folks wish to pay attention from folks, now not manufacturers, so talk like your fans do and get started a real dialog on Twitter ASAP.

Editor’s word: This put up used to be firstly printed in October 2013 and has been up to date for comprehensiveness.

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