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Simon Campbell, a resident of the Pennsbury Faculty District in Greenbacks County Pennsylvania confronts the varsity board in an epic disagreement in their brutal censorship.  No longer handiest does Mr. Campbell convey the righteous indignation, he additionally brings the citations, paperwork and receipts; together with the board’s personal inside verbal exchange.

Campbell later uploaded this speech to his YouTube channel with citations to the entire paperwork he reviewed [SEE HERE].  Mr. Campbell is easily versed in the subject material to hand, smartly ready for the disagreement, and quite eloquent in his argument.  ENJOY:  [Prompted to 01:51]


♦ Pennsbury’s Director of Fairness, Range & Schooling, Dr. Cherissa Gibson, in an e-mail dated March 20, 2021 at 2:20pm to Superintendent Gretzula and Faculty Board President Toy-Dragoni, launched beneath the Proper-to-Know-Regulation, is noticed selling a central authority time table of censoring public remark with which she disagrees. {Source}

♦ Pennsbury Faculty Board President, Christine Toy-Dragoni, gleefully tells the general public she is going to cross in conjunction with the censorship time table of Dr. Gibson {Source}

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