How you can Prevent Procrastinating and Transform a Completely happy Author [Infographic]

Whether or not you are a full-time blogger or a social media marketer who is from time to time tasked with writing social media replica, I am prepared to wager you’ve got skilled the temptation to procrastinate in the course of your writing procedure.

Perhaps you sort your introductory sentence after which open Pinterest. Possibly you end a bit of your put up after which, dropping steam, make a decision to clean your dishes, as a substitute.

No matter it’s, we have now all been there. Writing is a difficult and tedious procedure, and there are many moments the place procrastination is a lot more tempting than writing yet one more sentence.

However in case you are on a decent cut-off date, it’s important you are able to stick centered. Right here, Henneke Duistermaat, founding father of Enchanting Marketing, dives into methods writers can use to keep away from procrastination the following time they are on a decent cut-off date and can not come up with the money for to spend to any extent further time refreshing their Pinterest feeds.

Let’s dive into the methods you’ll be able to use to forestall procrastinating all through your writing procedure — and the best way to change into a extra glad creator, as a substitute.

how to stop procrastinating when youre writing infographic

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