RubiX CEO Nithin Palavalli Talks Inexperienced Blockchains

Inexperienced blockchains have all the time been considered just like the legendary pot of gold on the finish of a rainbow. Then again,  we did our digging and found out there have been a couple of inexperienced blockchains in the market.  RubiX is considered one of them. We had been so inspired with what the group at RubiX had achieved, so we reached out to  Nithin Palavalli, CEO at RubiX to determine extra. Here’s what he needed to say.


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What’s the basic thought in the back of the RubiX venture?

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Merely put, the speculation in the back of the RubiX blockchain: We’re constructed for objective, now not for benefit. We needed to create a blockchain that was once to be had and obtainable to everybody, from person builders to huge enterprises. Our blockchain is totally pushed, managed, and verified through our customers themselves, and now not managed through cryptocurrency buyers and massive miners out to easily make cash.

With RubiX, someone from any place on the planet with a pc or smartphone can obtain and deploy a complete RubiX node and change into a validator and miner. Our tokens haven’t any financial price.  Not like blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, RubiX is a democratized community, and 100% of our tokens are created for the aim of mining, now not for monetization.

One reality / be aware: Our blockchain is these days managing greater than 3 million distinctive lively customers every week, which is greater than every other public blockchain at this level of time.

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What are the foremost issues of legacy blockchains just like the Bitcoin blockchain? How does RubiX remedy those issues?

                                                                      Bitcoin and identical blockchains have 3 elementary issues from an architectural viewpoint:

1) Extremely inefficient as a result of all transaction information and proofs are pooled in combination in a not unusual database and replicated throughout all complete nodes within the blockchain. This creates vital garage inefficiencies as all information is replicated throughout all nodes. An Ethereum complete node is already greater than a TB in garage, and that’s with none severe data-intensive apps operating on it; Layer 2 centralized answers are proposed to handle those inefficiencies, alternatively, to be thought to be helpful for lots of real-world packages, the inefficiency downside must be addressed

2) Consensus: Having replicated databases throughout all complete nodes manner those nodes wish to arrive at a consensus on the right kind state of the database. The Evidence of Paintings consensus protocol utilized by Bitcoin and  Ethereum guarantees the consensus, alternatively, this procedure additionally ends up in severe power waste issues. An try to transfer to Evidence of Stake (PoS), whilst partly addressing the power issues, will lead to inevitable centralization.

3) Safety and Privateness: Since all information is replicated throughout all nodes within the community, customers’ transaction information can doubtlessly be uncovered to everybody within the community, elevating privateness and safety problems. This may have severe and detrimental ramifications if a person or corporate desires to place healthcare, monetary, or IP information at the blockchain.

Addressing all 3 of the demanding situations, we provide a brand new way that makes the RubiX blockchain distinctive to {the marketplace}:

  1. Talent to validate every transaction by itself (as an alternative of pooling them in an international not unusual database) and retailer the transaction information and proofs on a Merkel Tree-based decentralized document device.
  2. Each and every node is a complete node in our community; there shall be billions of complete nodes in Rubix quickly. This compares to a most of about 10,000 complete nodes within the Bitcoin community. Each and every Rubix node owns its identification and knowledge on the web, and each node is absolutely sovereign.
  3. Somebody with a pc can run a complete node.
  4. Rubix is a extremely environment friendly blockchain since there is not any undesirable replication of knowledge resulting in a wastage of sources.
  5. All transactions are run in parallel – there can be a most of 25 million transactions operating in parallel in the end.
  6. Our community scales in share to the dimensions of the community, whilst Bitcoin and different blockchains endure in throughput and pace when expanding the dimensions in their networks.
  7. All transactions are run absolutely on-chain and there is not any centralized 3rd celebration of Layer 2 app operating on AWS.
  8. Rubix is absolutely inexperienced as a result of transactions are validated on a pc whilst operating different computing operations. Rubix is extra environment friendly than centralized information middle/cloud garage or processing which saves super power.
  9. Since each node controls and secures its personal information, there are 0 confidentiality issues.

E-Crypto Information:

What’s Evidence-of-Harvest (PoH)? What makes it other from different consensus mechanisms? 

Lately’s main PoW and PoS blockchain architectures are accompanied through massive carbon footprints and effort intake, privateness, safety, and garage problems as we mentioned above. Then again, we’re dedicated to decreasing our environmental have an effect on through refraining from POW mining and thereby getting rid of our carbon footprint.

The builders of those blockchains depend on a sequential transaction structure to procedure and validate international transactions. Because of this the “blocks” are arranged sequentially, with every block having a finite collection of transactions and every depending at the different to be able to validate the transaction. Such protocols require exhaustive mining-based algorithms to protected each node at the chain, which ends up in top latency, low throughput, top transaction prices, and important garage inefficiencies.

To battle those flaws, we invented a Evidence of Harvest (PoH) Consensus Mechanism, the primary of its sort to handle the dimensions, value, and privateness problems that include depending on one sequentially arranged chain of world transactions as described above.  Our PoH way permits all transactions to happen asynchronously and in parallel. Parallel on-chain structure permits our nodes to be scaled temporarily and thousands and thousands of transactions to be carried out concurrently, making our blockchain extremely scalable and a number of other instances more potent than each Bitcoin and Ethereum.


E-Crypto Information:

Please, are you able to give an explanation for to us how Evidence-of-Harvest (PoH) works? How is the Evidence-of-Harvest (PoH) consensus mechanism 100% inexperienced?

Beneath the PoH way, all RubiX nodes at the blockchain are validators (harvesters) and any node will also be selected as a validator. Every node harvests quite than mines tokens, getting rid of any and all devoted energy used for mining. Harvesting tokens in a decentralized and democratic means — as an alternative of aggressively dedicating hash energy to mine tokens — ends up in a discount of carbon emissions through 100%. This makes our blockchain the sector’s first and most effective zero-carbon footprint, enterprise-level blockchain answer.

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Please, are you able to let us know extra concerning the RubiX Blockchain Inexperienced Initiative?

We’re the first to place blockchain sustainability at the vanguard with our Blockchain Green Initiative, getting rid of the top power intake related to token mining. As famous above, as a result of all of our nodes harvest (quite than mine) tokens, the RubiX PoH way slashes the power intake and enormous carbon footprint related to PoW and gets rid of the safety flaws that include PoS. Our choice is cryptographically a million instances extra protected than the ECDSA 256 utilized by Bitcoin or Ethereum.

E-Crypto Information:

Please, are you able to let us know extra concerning the safety of the RubiX platform?

RubiX makes use of a number of proprietary safety answers together with:

  • Decentralized Id (DID) token break up nonlinearly into non-public and public stocks

  • Proprietary QR Code and Virtual Rights Control (DRM) era that secures, authenticates, and proves possession of virtual and tangible property

  • Passwordless virtual identification which permits blockchain get entry to the usage of biometric authentication to give protection to all cash together with BTC, ETH, USDT, and CBDCs.

  • RubiX additionally contains proprietary HiDE era that makes forgery of a virtual asset unattainable.

E-Crypto Information:

What are your ideas at the greater law of dispensed ledger applied sciences (DLTs) and cryptocurrencies?


As DLTs and cryptocurrencies change into extra extensively used, greater makes an attempt at law will have to be anticipated and in some instances, will also be welcomed.  For the reason that blockchains transfer energy to other folks/networks from state, friction will have to be anticipated. Then again, the efficiencies that blockchains carry to the sector (and the appearance of participative capitalism that accompanies them) will lead governments to undertake benevolent law.

E-Crypto Information:

There were contemporary cryptocurrency and allied era bans the world over through other governments. What are your ideas in this?

So far as we all know, there are only a few governments that experience banned cryptocurrencies.  Maximum large countries have made cryptocurrencies criminal property to possess and industry – they’re all adopting tax & AML law at those property which will have to be welcomed. A number of governments or even some U.S. states wish to purchase cryptocurrencies and/or can even settle for them for paying taxes.  We consider that governments will adapt cryptocurrencies as the speculation of participative capitalism will catch on with other folks quicker than maximum be expecting.

E-Crypto Information:

How did the RubiX venture get started?

Rubix began with an concept to discover whether or not decentralization of knowledge would make cybersecurity higher.  In our safety startup, we discovered that centralized and aggregated information is extremely at risk of safety and privateness problems. So, we began to construct a blockchain platform that might give energy (over information) again to customers. Within the procedure, we consider now we have constructed a platform that may energy fintech, provide chain, media, promoting, information innovation, and extra (past simply safety).

E-Crypto Information:

How did you get entangled with cryptocurrencies and their allied applied sciences?

Rubix has a protocol token that powers decentralized transactions. The Rubix token isn’t a cryptocurrency, however a token that powers a decentralized economic system.

E-Crypto Information:

The place do you spot the RubiX venture within the subsequent decade?

We would love RubiX to turn out to be the way in which trade is finished and the way in which information is shared throughout a number of industries over the following decade.  We consider Rubix will herald Web3, an web this is constructed for protected virtual trade.

E-Crypto Information:

Please, are you able to let us know extra concerning the launching of Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) at the RubiX platform? 


All of the major NFTs like Glide, Nifty Gateway, Mintable, and Beeple are “off-chain NFTs,” saved on a centralized server and obtainable to someone. They lack DRM (Virtual Rights Control), forgery-proof era, and virtual identification. An proprietor of an off-chain NFT has not anything to turn for it however a certificates of the virtual asset.

RubiX NFT’s are “on chain NFTs,” that means that the true asset is saved at the blockchain itself, now not on a centralized server storing any and all information. That is what makes our blockchain decentralized. Rubix is considered one of just a few corporations which is providing on- hain NFTs at the present time.

The landlord of the NFT is in a position to determine the possession of the asset as it is connected to his/her Virtual Id. The asset can by no means be accessed through different events and the monetization will also be achieved throughout the DRM controls.  Customers additionally be able to break up and retailer non-public keys that now not most effective give a boost to safety, but additionally be offering a powerful restoration mechanism.

E-Crypto Information:

How can builders get entangled with RubiX initiatives?

We’ve got designed our blockchain to make it simple for everybody to make use of, and with none wisdom of coding or blockchain. Somebody can obtain and run a node from their private units and be up and operating in as low as 5 mins.

Builders can get started writing industrial-scale packages with the assistance of the Rubix Community Protocol, and we strongly inspire builders to embody the strengths of what now we have constructed and to begin contributing against the advance of the ecosystem.

Accessibility: Somebody can get entry to the RubiX whitepaper and Mainnet temporarily and simply through going to our hub:  github

E-Crypto Information:

Is the RubiX blockchain EVM suitable? What plans exist to allow the migration of DeFi initiatives to the platform?

Rubix isn’t EVM suitable. We’re in truth within the procedure of establishing our personal digital gadget, RVM. Quickly, we can construct bridges to different blockchain platforms that allow the migration of complete DeFi initiatives.  Rubix is coded in the sort of means that makes it simple to be told and put in force open supply languages, so that any one can construct on it simply.

E-Crypto Information:

What plans are there in position to construct community bridges throughout other blockchains? Please, are you able to let us know extra about this?


We will be able to percentage extra main points quickly.  We think to construct bridges to Ethereum and different main chains in 2021.

E-Crypto Information:

What are your plans for growth of the RubiX blockchain’s options?

We’re construction a neighborhood that may lend a hand enlarge Rubix options.  We plan so as to add sensible contracts; decentralized cloud garage; decentralized CDN and telecommunication layers; and extra security measures like DNS.

E-Crypto Information:

How precisely does the RubiX blockchain maintain scalability?

Scalability has two sides:

Portability: Each and every pc can run a complete Rubix node (We’re the one chain to allow this). There shall be billions of nodes that may validate transactions.

Throughput: Since transactions don’t seem to be competing with every different to sign up for mempool and blocks (and there’s a wish to pay top gasoline charges), transactions will also be finished in parallel.  If there are 10 million nodes within the community transacting, a most of five million transactions can occur in parallel. It is a elementary step forward when in comparison to different blockchains; a step forward which has dramatic implications for real-world utilization in our opinion.

E-Crypto Information:

In case you had 3 needs and a genie that might cause them to come true, what would they be for the RubiX blockchain?


  1. Wider, quicker adoption of Rubix through billions of nodes around the globe

  2. Quicker building through each enterprises and builders

  3. All information/property on the planet are tokenized and decentralized on Rubix, main to large proliferation of advantages to each attached person any place on the planet.


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