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By way of Chris Black

2021 07 22 15 13 16

Over 32,000 web pages went offline on Thursday because of a large DNS failure that originated at roughly 11 00 ET.

The offender at the back of this world factor appears to be Akamai edge DNS:

Right here’s how these things works: 

The Area Identify Device (DNS) is a central a part of the web, offering a approach to fit names (a site you’re in quest of) to numbers (the deal with for the site).  DNS syncs up domains with IP addresses enabling people to make use of memorable domains whilst computer systems on the net can use IP addresses.

The Web’s DNS device works similar to a telephone e book through managing the mapping between names and numbers. DNS servers translate requests for names into IP addresses, controlling which server an finish person will achieve once they kind a website title into their internet browser.

Edge DNS is an authoritative DNS provider that strikes your DNS solution out of your premises or knowledge facilities to the Akamai Clever Edge. Edge DNS is architected for nonstop DNS availability and top efficiency, even during the greatest DDoS assaults. 

Along side the advantages, there are safety dangers related to DDNS. Attackers can leverage DDNS services and products to modify the IP addresses that host command-and-control servers. Malware campaigns or even exploit kits can make the most of DDNS services and products as a part of their payload distribution.

That is what in fact came about lately: unknown hackers used malware or exploit kits and taken this sucker down by the use of DNS failure.

 Amongst the ones suffering from the outage have been PlayStation Community, Constancy, FedEx, Steam, UPS, Airbnb, House Depot, and Amazon.

To make it truly easy for my readers, with out DNS, maximum services and products close down. 

Used to be this a tribulation run for an assault on DNS infrastructure?

Input Cyber Polygon 2021.

 Cyber Polygon is principally a struggle sport intended to “simulate” a cyber-attack on important infrastructure that might result in a shutdown of the worldwide provide chain, or no less than the availability chains inside of sure international locations.

When you inquire from me, those cyber-attacks are handiest part of a much broader globalist take over, identical to the Covid 19 hoax (analysis Tournament 201) used to be when it begun. 

We noticed this with the coronavirus hoax, and we’re seeing it once more with the “cyber pandemic” hacking assaults. Each instances, the Global Financial Discussion board had a number of boards and conferences, printed unending essays, announcing they have been “anxious” about it – after which they made it occur.

Cyber Polygon used to be a blueprint for this type of stuff. What came about lately is handiest the primary caution shot, aimed to put into effect the speculation of web regularly being down within the thoughts of the general public.

Huge cyber-attacks concentrated on the availability chain would be the paramount of this new viral, virtual pandemic this iciness. They’re getting ready the unsuspecting public for additional, extra prolonged cyber-attacks within the coming months, concentrated on crucial infrastructure.

As soon as those huge cyber-attacks concentrated on the availability chain befell and the mud has settled over, much more Orwellian technological tyranny measures will probably be applied.

 The transnational cabal ruling the sector will make necessary a virtual ID (incorporated within the virtual credit score well being ranking clearly) with some more or less encryption key to get admission to the web. 

No virtual ID, no web get admission to. 

The real web will probably be overwritten. You’re going to have 0 privateness within the title of extra cyber safety and larger excellent. 

I see this ultimate step as an upgraded virtual “damnatio memoriae” at the cyber infrastructure.

 Erase then overwrite.

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