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through Egon von Greyerz of Gold Switzerland

Was once Richard Nixon an actual gold buddy who understood the futility of tying a weakening buck to gold which is the one foreign money that has survived in historical past?

So used to be Nixon in reality the instigator of the motion to FreeGold?

I doubt it. He used to be simply some other determined chief who used to be operating out of actual cash and had to create limitless quantities of fiat cash. Even supposing his deadly determination to near the gold window used to be obviously the start of the tip of the present financial machine.

However even if the verdict used to be deadly, Nixon used to be obviously no longer individually accountable. What the arena noticed in August 1971 used to be simply some other determined chief who realised that he couldn’t stick with the financial or fiscal disciplines important to deal with a valid economic system and a valid foreign money.

In historical past, Nixon must be noticed as the rule of thumb fairly than the exception. Since each foreign money has been slaughtered right through historical past, one explicit chief can be required to be the executor.

So in 1971, historical past had elected Difficult Dick to be the inevitable destroyer of the buck.


I don’t somewhat know what the definition is of “droop briefly” however 50 years appears to be pushing the restrict!

And as regards the power of greenback is going, everyone knows what came about to the “power of the foreign money”! Please see the representation of the buck cave in additional on within the article.


In my article from December 2018 I talked about the advantage of FreeGold.

There are a couple of prerequisites that want to be fulfilled for gold to be an efficient retailer of worth. The primary of FreeGold best possible defines what this implies. The web site FOFOA (Good friend Of a Good friend of Some other) and its predecessors had been pioneers in defining what FreeGold is:

Those are the fundamental principles-


  • FREE from reliable cash programs
  • Owned FREE of all different claims
  • REELY traded

If all of the above prerequisites are met, there can be no gold subsidized currencies, no talent to replace foreign money for gold at central banks for a set parity and most significantly THERE WOULD BE NO PAPER GOLD OR OTHER GOLD DERIVATIVES.

Gold would neither be lent nor leveraged.

If truth be told, gold must no longer be tied to any foreign money. Gold has reigned perfect for five,000 years while all its competition within the type of fiat cash have collapsed. Nixon most definitely understood this. The arena’s present reserve foreign money may clearly no longer be shackled any longer through gold. As a result of gold ignores the follies of megalomaniac sovereign leaders who wish to hold directly to energy at any price.

This is why governments have a Love – Hate courting with gold.


At the one hand gold indicates balance, wealth and the one foreign money that has survived in historical past and maintained its buying energy. This is why governments around the globe allegedly dangle 34,000 tonnes of it lately valued at $2 trillion.

As Greenspan stated a couple of years in the past:

“If it (gold) is nugatory and meaningless, why is everyone (central banks) nonetheless conserving it?”



Alternatively governments hate gold because it unearths their overall mismanagement of the economic system.

As a result of once they run out of cash, tying the foreign money to gold creates a particularly inconvenient street block that will have to be eradicated.

As gold is an inconvenient reality sayer, tying it to the foreign money prevents governments from conserving directly to energy. So out with gold and sound cash and in with credit score enlargement and pretend cash that briefly buys votes.

Printing cash and purchasing votes is not only a frivolous folly, but in addition a particularly pricey workout that with out fail results in the cave in of the economic system and the foreign money.


Simply take a look at the image under appearing the crash of the buck from the height of the Matterhorn.

Up to now this is a “mere” 98% fall since 1971. However this is just the start. Your next step of all of the currencies will surprise the arena as they crash into the abyss.


The buck and all currencies are prone to fall through some other 98%+ from right here as the arena central banks desperately try to save the monetary machine.

Whether or not that implies gold at $1,900 or $19,000 or a lot, a lot upper is all a serve as at the ultimate debasement of the currencies fairly than the upward thrust of gold.


Each foreign money in historical past has disappeared or turn out to be nugatory. There are a minimum of 160 currencies that experience died via hyperinflation however the true quantity could be a lot upper.

The longest surviving foreign money nowadays is the British Pound which has been in life since 1694. At the moment one pound purchased 12 oz. of silver and nowadays one pound buys 0.05 ounces.

So even if the pound has survived for over 300 years in title, it has misplaced over 99.99% of its buying energy in that point.

BITCOIN – $10,000 NEXT?

For any individual who believes that crypto currencies will take over from gold, they must suppose once more. There are round 10,000 cryptos nowadays and over 1,000 have already died.

Bitcoin is after all the most important. As I’ve stated prior to, BTC is a wild binary guess. It could cross to $1 million and it might probably cross to 0. Governments are not likely to permit it to visit $1 million aside from for as a collector’s merchandise with none sensible use. They’re much more likely to drive it to 0 as it’s banned through increasingly international locations.

And any individual who thinks BTC will substitute gold will have to suppose once more. It may well be an ideal speculative funding however it might probably by no means be an actual retailer of wealth. And the extraordinary volatility makes it very incorrect both as a reserve foreign money or as a wealth preservation funding.

We’ve noticed $65,000 for BTC this yr and now it’s down 46% from there. Technically it seems like BTC may cross to $10,000. If that would be the case, it’ll in no way be appropriate for widows or orphans


Once more, historical past is our instructor. Maximum sovereign leaders by no means take a look at historical past. Their egos are too large to be informed from the previous. As an alternative they be afflicted by delusions of grandeur and all the time imagine that issues are other nowadays simply because they’re in energy.

But when that they had one iota of humility, they might be informed that there’s little or no new beneath the solar in relation to the rules of nature and sound cash.

They are able to name it through fancy names comparable to Keynesianism, QE or MMT. However embellishing a “legal” motion with a complicated title doesn’t make it professional. What governments are doing with cash would put abnormal folks in prison.

How can any individual name bucks or euros criminal mushy when maximum of it’s created with out the manufacturing of any items or provider.

Cash fabricated through urgent a button through an index finger can by no means be value greater than the price of shifting the finger. Nonetheless those small finger actions are producing trillions of bucks, euros, yen, RMB and different currencies in an illusory introduction of wealth.


I’ve at more than a few occasions made my place transparent on a reset.

I indubitably don’t imagine in Klaus Schwab and his cohorts taking up the arena in a James Bond taste film. My view is that those self-important folks will completely fail in any try to dominate global politics or the worldwide economic system.

The present financial machine has given the 0.1% elite illusory wealth and tool. However that could be a completely synthetic and brief scenario. As the present foreign money machine collapses so will their energy and illusions.

Nor do I imagine that governments and central banks will achieve anything else however an overly brief reset, if that. This sort of tried reset may contain making debt disappear in a hocus pocus transfer and revaluing gold. Central financial institution virtual currencies would even be presented.

What they don’t realise is that Humpty Dumpty has already fallen and is irreparable. Any synthetic and pretend measures won’t ever put Humpty in combination once more.

So the one actual reset that I see will likely be disorderly in a fall of the present financial machine.

Many of my previous articles cover the consequences in detail.

As I’ve defined, it’ll be an overly unsightly however brief length for the arena as all of the corruption and excesses of the remaining 100 years are unwound.

However the coming woodland fireplace is very important to eliminate the deadwood in order that new inexperienced shoots can create a sounder global economic system and machine.


Because the graph above displays, gold is nowadays as reasonable relating to US cash provide because it used to be in 1970 when gold used to be $35 and in 2000 when gold used to be $300.


For monetary survival, bodily gold and silver will likely be lifestyles savers as bubble asset like shares, bonds and belongings cave in in actual phrases. However because of the delicate monetary machine, valuable metals will have to be held in personal & protected vaults outdoor the machine.

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