Flora and fauna Researchers Determine ‘Virgin Births’ in California Condors

  • Two feminine California condors hatched eggs that contained no male DNA.
  • Prior to now, scientists had simplest noticed “virgin births” in home turkeys and chickens.
  • Regardless of conservation efforts, California condors are nonetheless a seriously endangered species.

Effects from a recent study through US flora and fauna scientists discovered that two feminine California condors gave delivery to chicks with none male genetic DNA, BBC reported.

“That is really a great discovery,” Oliver Ryder, director of conservation genetics at San Diego Zoo Flora and fauna Alliance (SDZWA) and a co-author of the learn about, said in a press release. “We simplest showed it on account of the standard genetic research we do to turn out parentage. Our effects confirmed that each eggs possessed the predicted male ZZ intercourse chromosomes, however all markers have been simplest inherited from [female condors], verifying our findings.”


Researchers made the invention right through a regimen research of organic samples, that have been accrued from greater than 900 condors during the last 3 a long time as a part of a collaboration between the zoo and the California Condor Program.

Prior to now, scientists had simplest noticed the uncommon phenomenon of “virgin births” in positive species of birds – akin to home turkeys and chickens – that have been separated from men, according to the Journal of Heredity.

The births marked the primary documentation of asexual replica in an avian species the place the feminine chook had get entry to to a mate. Either one of the feminine condors have been persistently housed with a fertile male and produced a number of offspring with friends over time, according to an SDZWA press release.

In step with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the California condor is a seriously endangered species that has recuperated from borderline extinction because of main conservation efforts. Captive-bred California condors had been launched during the Southwest and Mexico, elevating the species’ present quantity to roughly 500.

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