‘Woke economics’ results in financial decline – Funding Watch

So, some other $4.5 trillion in federal spending is solely what the rustic wishes, proper?

The Senate Democrats at the funds committee have proposed the funds answer that may do exactly that.

They’re pleased with it, and so is President Biden, so I don’t need to be the skunk on the lawn birthday celebration. I don’t need to be the man that takes away the punch bowl, however I feel maximum other folks know that we have already got a post-pandemic financial growth, and whether or not it’s brief or now not, a large building up in inflation.

So critically, do we want this $4.5 trillion?

Let’s say over 10 years, it will come to $450 billion bucks a yr in more spending. We already had $2 trillion in emergency spending ultimate March and the Federal Reserve has been purchasing two-thirds of all new Treasury debt, so they’d be pumping in some other 300 billion, or so in step with yr in high-powered money. That’s now not going to decrease inflation.

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